iOS URL - Unreliability

Steps to reproduce


I’m trying to link particular Obsidian note to another app within iOS (i.e. Things, Todo lists etc) so that when I click on that link it takes me to Obsidian note.
My approach: I go to particular note, and click on “Copy Obsidian URL” and then paste it to the other app. It works, but from time to time I get Obsidan error, and hence, the link takes me to that last opened note rather than the actual url. However, if I quiet and click on the link again, then it directs me to the correct note. So the issue is not the link itself, but the reliability of it.

The only way to reproduce this bug is to perform the click on URL (thought iOS) many times throughout different days and time and you will come across errors. I found that if the url works now, I will work well a few times in a row, however, if I come later (let’s say another day) then it will fail the first time and does work the second time after that.

Unfortunately the errors are so random that I cannot identify another way to reproduce it.

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I followed the template, I even created a new vault and added two new notes. The issue is when the app becomes idle for a few hours, when I click on a new link that app opens up and show the most recent note (as opposed to going directly to the linked note), however, after that it will start acting correctly when I click on the link again