[Mobile] [iOS] Fail to execute obsidian:// URL command

I was looking around on the forum but found only one similar case in what’s called a Bug Graveyard. As far as I’m concerned, this Boogie is an undead.

Steps to reproduce

Well, I was using the iOS Shortcuts app and called a command as per the instructions in Obsidian Help:
This opens the note my note in the vault my vault, assuming my note exists and the file is my note.md.

In my case with the very unpredictable variables Vaultname and Filename:

There are no issues with spaces in filenames, I sorted that out (the variables are correct, when you internally run the shortcut, you can see what the output is).

I reproduced in a Virgin Vault as well; see video at the bottom.

Expected result

Open the specified vault with the specified filename.

Actual result

Depending on where you are in the app – on the main screen with the vault list or in a vault with a file open in it – it either opens the vault but not the file itself (I tried with single-word filenames with no diacritics as well) or doesn’t even open the vault.
If you are within the right/current vault, opening a file works, but you would not call a shortcut to do that, because the QuickSwitcher is faster.


iOS 15.6 – Latest Obsidian 1.4.3 version

Additional information

What I found is that calling the shortcuts works reliably only if Obsidian is not among the open or recent apps. Hence I was looking around for a way to kill Obsidian but there is no Shortcut action for that (which calls for more drastic measures involving Linux shell).

I created a longish screencast which features the various scenarios:

does it happen if the sandbox is not in icloud? does it happen with newer version of iOS?

I think I was using a Sandbox on onMyiPad, because the path to the iCloud one would not have been ‘Sandbox’ but something like ‘iCloud~…’ or something. I am on the latest-newest version unless you’ll provide me with a VIP badge and some privileges.:wink:

I was talking about iOS 16.x

Oh. Apologies. I don’t own an iOS 16 capable device.

What is especially frustrating is that in order to get the shortcuts to work, you cannot proceed by just swiping the app off, but must press the ribbon vault key to log out of your current vault and then swipe-quit the app, then it will work with any file in any vault.
Too many key presses…


  • Include a Wait command after Open URL. (5-15 secs depending on the size of the vault.)
  • Repeat Open URL command (may have to manually insert it again, as copy+paste under didn’t work for me).

The first Open URL command will handle switching vaults (will load the last open tab), and the second will successfully open the desired file in place of the last non-pinned tab).

Now I can access any file in any vault without having to manually log out of a vault.