[iOS] time stamp is wrong; 2 editor bugs; long vault name affects UI

[ ] Date / time stamp on notes on iPadOS is wrong. (Time is set correctly on the iPad.)

[ ] Adding a double quote symbol at the end of paragraph (e.g., at the end of a pasted quotation) results in ” “ instead of . This does not occur at the beginning of a paragraph.

[ ] If the vault name is longer than ~20 characters (guessing) then the gear and help icons get pushed off the right edge of the left sidebar. Probably need to truncate vault names more aggressively.

[ ] If a paragraph is set to be a block quote then the Return key doesn’t function at the end of that paragraph – need to toggle block quote off, then put a return at the end of the paragraph, then select the paragraph and toggle block quote back on. Odd - this might be an iPadOS glitch.


I can reproduce the iOS timestamp issue on iPhone. Using Obsidian Sync and non-iCloud vault

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Should be fixed as of v0.0.12.