Ios sync and drive (synology), yeah again


I known it’s a big subject. Now I use synology drive to sync my vault with my android phone. I think to switch on ios and I see it’s not possible to share folder between app (sandbox). Ok I see other solution (livesync for exemple), it’s ok for what I want exept there is no history and more complicated to configure.

I wonder if it’s possible on ios to use iSH with rclone to sync Obisidian folder with synology drive folder. I see no one do that and I wonder why…

Is iSH need to jailbrake phone ?

Thank in advance for your reply.

I have no experience with Synology but I can give you some pointers on how to sync to PC and you can take it from there:

  • This method uses A-Shell instead of iSH, but I think iSH could work (I quite forgot what issues might be lurking there if any, alas – you need to look it up).
    Neither iSH nor A-Shell needs a JB device.
  • In this post I mention using a method that sort of started out as and then stopped involving rsync (I did not need rclone) (not sure how fast that would be, I only use it for small updates of tiny folders) but needs a jailbroken device to access the vault with a symlink.

It is possible with Syncthing via the Mobius Sync app. The catch is that in order to read a folder outside of the Mobius sandbox, you need to pay for the full app ($5). This gives you access to an experimental feature which allows you to select a folder outside of the Mobius sandbox.

Also, anytime you want to sync between laptop and phone, you would need to open the iOS app for it to sync (it wont run in the background).

While Mobius says this is experimental, I never had an issue with this set up. I ran this between iOS (phone & iPad) and a LinuxOS.

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How does this compare to the remotely save add in?

I have my synology set as WebDAV and remotely save seems to work reasonably well for this. Still a few quirks here and there and need to be very careful with versioning.

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