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you could also try the Drafts app.

Hey @ryanjamurphy , I am using your version 2 shortcut. However I notice on the first run, let’s say of a new day, when you choose to open todays note, it actually opens yesterdays.
The second time you run it, it correctly opens todays note.
Any idea what might be going on? I am using iOS 16.1.1 and latest obsidian.

Hard to guess. Does it happen when you’ve recently opened Obsidian?

I’m using a slightly different version (probably already linked somewhere in this thread) that is working for me:

Ok. I figured out another pattern.
If I have not used obsidian for some time and I choose Todays note, it actually opens the last note I was looking at.
As an example this morning, I had not opened obsidian in my iPhone since last night.
I clicked to open “Today” and it went to the note I was viewing last night.
Does that help?

Unfortunately, you might not see performance better than that. There are some quirks with Obsidian when it first opened after a time. Another example: when I run the shortcut after Obsidian’s been backgrounded for a while, my templates are sometimes not loaded.

Hopefully we’ll see better URL handling in the future. For now sometimes I just launch the app first. :man_shrugging:

Thanks, sadly I did wonder. I’ve seen similar oddities with linking Drafts to Obsidian. Shame as its nice to speed some of the stuff up for use cases on mobile devices, where otherwise the Obsidian app is not great at dealing with.