iOS Shortcuts - Share your ideas!

Hi I tried this shortcut.

It works fine for web pages and images.

But when I am saving a PDF - it is saving the PDF in obsidian folder and in the daily note all the text of PDF is also stored instead of just name of the PDF. Ideally it should ask the input text like it asks for the web URL saving.

Not able to figure out where is the issue.

Similarly while saving other assets like image also it should ask the input text.


here’s a shortcut: takes any input or dictation and appends it to your daily note, with the location or wifi, time, and lat/long. have been using it enough to make it quick and not crash when you’re on airplane mode


I would like to have shortcut to include the location information automatically. But it would make the shortcut fail if airplane mode. How to fix it to automatically check if no data plan available, just skip the location part.

Please help me to figure out what should I add here to make it work?