iOS Shortcuts - Share your ideas!

If you mean that running a shortcut that displays a drop-down text box from the top of the screen requires you to tap in the text box before the keyboard will appear, this is new behavior in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, and has been there in all the betas as well as the public release. I am not aware of any solution to make Shortcuts put the focus inside the text box so that the keyboard automatically appears.


that’s it. It’s really annoying. I’m using external keyboard, so i dont wanna keyboard pop up on the ipad screen.
Also drop down text need to tap make a small pause on my workflow. Instead of typing my idea quick, i have to tap then type
Btw, do you have any way to trigger shortcut dropdown with spotlight + text replacement?
I wanna a quick way to capture to daily note by
Cmd + space = spotlight popup → type “ccc” (which is text replacement for Shortcut name: Quick capture to daily note) → then drop-down text box appear (not open shortcut app, which’s i tried and feel annoy about it right now)

This seems like something the Devs might consider ‘sherlocking’ to really take Obsidian Mobile to the next level -


Please don’t :joy: (I’m the author of Actions for Obsidian.)


Not sure if there is mention of the iOS Automation shortcut that @orand described here but I set it up yesterday and it works very nicely. Thanks @orand !

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Really need to fast release bro, do we have any roadmap or deadline for this? Cant wait for this

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Is there a (customizable) iOS-Shortcut to Quick-Capture Text (Fleetnotes) and directly post it to my (existing and Date-formatted) Daily Note.

It takes too much steps to open the app, then open the Daily Note, and then jot down that one idea that you absolutely don‘t want to forget, when you‘re on the go.
That‘s why such a shortcut would be pretty handy.

Thanks for the interest. :slight_smile: I’m hard at work — but it’ll be a few weeks until I feel confident enough to kick off the beta. This year, though, for sure. :wink:


I would love to add the weather of the day to my daily note. Best case the real recorded weather, not a forecast.
Has anyone found a service/app that makes this available via shortcut? In that case, we could append it to the current note.

Shortcuts includes a Get Current Weather action.

do we have a date that u’re willing to release this?

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My aim is to get the beta out in 2022.


Are Shortcuts invoked using Siri always a 2-part command? For example, I have a “Record a Task” shortcut that adds a task to my inbox file but I need to say, after invoking Siri, “record a task.” Then I’m prompted for the text. Any way to simply start recording text without waiting for a prompt?

I’m looking to replicate Siri’s behavior with Apple Reminders. For example, invoke Siri + “remind me to blah blah blah.” Done. I enjoy pressing the side-key on my iPhone and dumping thoughts/tasks.

No, sorry. As far as I know, Siri does not provide parameters to Shortcuts the way you want. Apple’s doing some special and exclusive stuff at the OS level to get the Reminders behaviour you describe.

A workaround, though, is to use Shortcuts’s automations to run a shortcut that automatically and regularly extracts data from e.g., Reminders or Notes into Obsidian.

I’ve published an example of such a thing here:

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Drafts is great too, and you can make actions in drafts to automatically send stuff to obsidian:


I would like to be able to do quick notes on my phone that i would be then able to put in the right notes
something like the image below (which sadly doesnt work for me )
but maybe is the way it is setup - i am very very new to shortcuts

thanks :slight_smile: ( i hope i posted on the right chan )


You can download the keylogger by this link!!!

It is definitely not a keylogger.

I didn’t know there was a thread for IOS shortcuts so I’m quoting my individual thread here.

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