iOS - Create new note from "shared" media

I try to find other post requesting this feature but could not find it

I want to be able to “share” an image or pdf on iOS into a new or existing note of my choice after saving the file into the vault. Currently it only allows me to paste the link to the saved image into a daily note or the current opened note.

Same way you treat the sharing of Text or URLs from any other app on iOS into obsidian, you give the option to share into a new or existing note. (Also make it easier to share text or url into a new note - currently you have to type the in order for it to create it)

Related feature requests (optional)

This talks mostly of text sharing, and the proposed solution doesn’t work properly, at least on iOS, as you have to type the name of the new note + the extension.


As the original topic doens’t allow for adding replies anymore, I’m adding it here.

Indeed it seems counterintuitive that you can only add something into:

  • the note you currently have open
  • another existing note
  • today’s daily note

Could you please add the option to save something into a new note and create the note upon selecting this option?


A possible workaround for now is the Binary File Manager plugin, which creates notes for attachments.