Invalid character in file names causes sync to break due to FILE_NOTCREATED error loop and invalid characters allowed in Desktop file names

Steps to reproduce

Create a vauit with sync enabled.
Create a few files.

  • Introduction to NoSQL
  • Understanding Cassandra
  • C* Garbage collection.

The ‘C* Garbage collection’ file will not be able to sync and will instead get stuck in a blocking infinite loop of ‘FILE_NOTCREATED’ errors. This loop blocks other files from being sync’d to the remote vault.

This only affects syncing from Desktop to Mobile, as Mobile app will not allow you to name files with a special character like ‘'.
I’m filing it as a general bug however since Desktop does allow you to name files with an '

So really there are two bugs.

  1. FILE_NOTCREATED loop totally blocks vault sync.
  2. Desktop app premits file naming with ‘*’ character.

Expected result

An error is expected when trying to name a file with an illegal character in Obsidian Desktop.

Expect FILE_NOTCREATED errors to be handled in a way as to not block the remainder of the vault from syncing.

Actual result

File is able to be created with invalid characters on Desktop but not in mobile.
FILE_NOTECREATED errors are not safely ignored and the sync process allowed to continue. Instead the sync loop appears to break and reinitiate causing an infinite loop.


  • Operating system: Arch Linux.
  • Debug info: I resolved the issue before getting this.

2. is not a bug.
We used to block all forbidden characters on all plattforms, but received quite a bit of feedback from users that did not want to be limited by operating systems they do not use.

Because of this we are now only blocking forbidden characters from your current operating system.


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