EINVAL: invalid argument: Not able to use obsidian Sync anymore

Basically that’s a duplicate of this issue.

It is a bug, i am right now stuck inside an infinite loop of EINVAL: invalid argument.

And i cant delete the file with illegal characters since i don’t anymore have access to PC on which i created this vault.

Basically this bug is solvable if i install another Windows OS, and sync it there, and delete file from there.

But do i really have to install a whole separate OS just to fix it?

Actually, that doesn’t solve the issue, i checked it. On new Windows installation it safely ignores the file with special symbol, i can’t delete it or rename

I literally have no way to use Obsidian Sync from Android or Linux now :frowning:

I solved it by using AppImage version of Obsidian.

Turns out, this issue remains only in Flatpak version

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