Intrigued by the Influx plugin beta

I saw a reference to the Influx plugin in @EleanorKonik’s roundup newsletter. I am intrigued. Looks like it’s trying to bring logseq/roam-like structure to Obsidian.

Like many people, I’m struggling with how the heck to organize all my documents. I’ve been using computers for decades now, and it’s STILL a struggle. Influx seems like it could be very helpful.

It appears to be an extended backlinks pane–simple but powerful. Is there more to it than that?

I may install it with BRAT and play with it, although I usually like to wait for plugins to be approved.

Anybody know anything more about this plugin? Is the developer here?

I started this discussion here—bumping to its own topic for greater visibility.

Eleanor’s newsletter is great, btw. Every Saturday morning I sit with the newsletter, the dog, and coffee.

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(I moved this to the Help category because you’re asking for info (it was the least bad fit). Plugin Ideas is for proposed plugins.)


+1 in being very intrigued with Influx (and +100 in loving @EleanorKonik newsletter).

I actually broke down and installed the beta (always try to stay on the approved plugins). I never played much with logseq/roam, but the concept of links above all, based on the daily notes is very powerful.

The developer seems to be active on twitter at jensmtg, and very active on the plugin’s Github Issues.

Anyways, hopefully more people will try it out and the plugin can make it to the community group and gain traction.

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What’s your impression after installing it? Is it just an extended backlinks pane (which would actually be very powerful)? Or is there more to it than that?

I have started to use it and it is a game-changer for me. I can stay in the daily note and use bullet-list-hierarchy to get all information into another note. Where the Core Backlinks pane usually doesn’t contain so much context, this plugin makes it easy to see everything you wrote around a topic in another note. This might make me stop using too much time on organsing and instead let’s me focus on writing down pn the daily page with links. I’m in love.

I have only one idea for the plugin that vould be implementer. Filtering and search capabilities.


Looks intriguing, indeed, though out of honest curiosity I’m wondering how well this “put everything in bullet lists” will “scale” in Obsidian in practice. I mean, Logseq is a real outliner consequently supporting eg. code blocks or block quotes anywhere in the hierarchy. That does not seem to work very well in Obsidian bullet lists.

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I installed the plug-in and gave it a spin.

It’s an extended backlinks pane that works with outlines. If you include a link in a line of an outline, then you’ll be able to see all the components subordinate to that line from the target note.

I can see this being very useful–but as a complement to other forms of notes organization, not a replacement for those other forms.

I don’t do everything in outline format. I use paragraphs and headers.

Still: I’ll see how it fits in my workflow, and I’ll look forward to future development. Maybe the developer can be persuaded to do a version that recognizes headers and paragraphs? Maybe somebody else will do a similar plugin that does so? Maybe the built-in backlinks pane can be updated to expanded capabilities.


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If you do wikilinks in headers they will also be included (i think)

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