Internal vaults

It would be cool if you could take an entire vault and place it within one node. It would be an internal vault, not to be confused with a nested vault. This would mean that you could click into that node and be able to explore that vault and only that vault.

This would also mean that you could have a vault with, for example, five nodes in it. Each of those nodes could have entire vaults within them, accessible, when clicked into, although this is not the only way (see further down in description). Also each of these nodes could contain data at the top level just like any other regular node. In order to click into the node you would simply open it and click a button which would bring you into that vault.

By default, the vaults in the five nodes in my example would not interact. So you could safely have matching nodes and links within all of these internal vaults, without the overwriting risks of nested vaults.

And, as a bonus, there would be a Reveal Mode that, when on, would reveal the nodes of all of these internal vaults to the main upper vault. And any node that exists in multiple internal vaults would get the data from all of them. They would begin acting the way the the five nodes with internal vaults did while Reveal Mode was off in that you could click into it and access the multiple sub nodes.

It could be possible to allow for multiple levels of internal vaults.

Anyways, I apologize that I have been having trouble clearly describing this idea, so thanks for bearing with me. I know my previous explanation in the now deleted post, Revelation Mode, was a disaster. This post is better but not by much, so I will try to edit it for further clarity as time goes on.

Before this forum, I never realized how fun it is to brainstorm software ideas and appreciate the chance to do this.