Internal heading links in exported pdf

Use case

You should be able to click on a link that redirects to a different page/section inside an exported .pdf

Let be my editing file. I have two headings in that file, # heading1 and # heading 2. If I make a link inside # heading 1 like so [[ 2]], clicking that link should send me to that section (which might be ten pages below the link itself). Useful if I want to link to/back to equations/sections that are important.
I’m only talking about links within the same file.


I agree with this. I use pandoc as a workaround, but the link formatting needs to be changed for pandoc to do its thing for linking.

also would love to see this feature. (external links already export to the pdf correctly)

Yeah same just encountered this issue and it’s a pitty, I don’t want to mess around with Pandoc for simple pdfs, it messes up all the Obsidian internal stuff. +1 for this plz

@hirenpatelca , how did you use pandoc in this case?

This is important for me to share some of the doc ideas.

+1 to this - It’s hard to share PDFs when the links don’t work for anyone else