Interactive timeline for the timelapse animation

It would be beautiful to have a historical timeline for the graph animation, and to be able to interact with it.

Here’s how I envision it.

When you launch the graph animation mode, you see the timeline at the bottom of the screen, with gradations for days, months and years, with a slider indicating where you currently are.

Above the timeline you have some playback options: Play, Stop, Pause, Rewind Forward/Backward.

You can interact with the slider. You can drag it around, and jump to any point on the timeline at any time.


Definitely second this! I was wondering (still am) if I should make a feature request for something like this. I definitely like your approach.

My idea was that much in the same way as the timelapse animation flows step-by-step, like the first note shows first and then the next and so on, I would love it if there was an option to go through each time-step of the animation manually.

Since I am thinking of revising my notes, and I learn best by following my footsteps to the current point I think this would help my learning process definitely.

I am even considering exploring variations options to sort of add this feature myself (somehow) if I can find a way to do that, but it’d be best if smarter people than I did it.

Still looking for this feature for the same reason. Tracing back key moments while I was learning to take notes. Now trying to do some pruning.