Integration with Things on Mac OS

Does anyone know if there is a way to get text from Obsidian into Things? If I put a todo in Obsidian (I.e., using [ ] ) I’d like to select that bullet and press a hotkey to open a new to-do with that text prepopulated. Does anyone know how to do this?

I have the Alfred Powerpack if that helps to accomplish this.

Thank you!


If you select text in Obsidian, will the Things quick add window pick up the text and a create a link into a Obsidian?

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It’s not doing so right now. Even with the helper. It seems to work for some software and not others.

Someone needs to make a plug-in that generates an Obsidian URI for the note your on, so you can copy and paste into another app:

Would something like this help me?

I use a Keyboard Maestro macro for this:

There are a few limitations: It will only work on one vault and possibly will break soon.

Should you want to try anyways, I can upload the file so you could import it yourself. Those red blocks are the ones that should be replaced by your own data. The rest will work just fine.

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Is this plugin related? (I’m not using Mac)

Thanks for looking. I’ve seen that one but it’s to populate to dos after they are already done. I’m looking to capture them before they are done.

I am perfectly fine with simply documenting all the achieved things (pun intended) in my vault. Keeping all active tasks in Things is most frictionless for me, since for delegation and prioritizing Things is the perfect environment for me.

Is there a way to delete logged to-dos done before 2021 in Things?

You can delete them in Your Things logbook. As simple as marking and back-delete button (upper rightmost). Not sure your intention is to erase your Things backlog?
To no longer have them sync over is not possible, I think it’s all or nothing with this implementation.

Personally, I’d only want the logbook from Things go into Obsidian going forward from today. I guess I’ll have to look for a way to delete the logbook entirely. But I’d still like the ability to transfer a to-do from Obsidian to Things with a hotkey. Just would make it easier to move them over.

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The quick entry window is your friend and only one shortcut away. I would refrain from having open tasks in Obsidian if you’re using a dedicated task manager.

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You could use “Select text” and use the share menu from MacOS to add a piece of selected text to things like:

It has to be enabled from settings:

I’m actually looking in to creating a plugin to this. What I want to accomplish is to put all my ToDo’s from Obsidian in to Things3 (one inbox principle). I want to put the todo in Obsidian as the title of the todo in Things3 and have the task note contain a link to the note. Not a lot of luck on the Api documentation yet but i’ll have a look at the code of 'Things Logbook for Obsidian"


@UserOfZTTL That would be PERFECT. I like being able to quickly mark something as a to do when typing in Obsidian but I really want to process it in Things. Please please post here to let me know when you are able to get it working.

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I created this cli python script that might work as a stop gap until I can create an actual plugin.

I’ll eagerly be watching this too - I have been capturing meeting notes in an Obsidian note on iPad while on a Zoom call, want to quickly be able to send the tasks from meeting to Things with some way to link back to the note for context.

I found a way to send easily to Things but it doesn’t link back for context. :-/

please share!

hi, code novice here. how do i get this working, or how do i run it? is it in terminal?