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What I’m trying to do

I am wondering if any users of Obsidian could share how they have integrated Obsidian with other productivity tools. In particular, I am wondering how it might be possible to do universal advanced searches - that is, search for a tag and find all items with that tag, whether those items are files on my HD, bookmarks on, notes on Obsidian, and annotations on Does that sound possible?

I have seen integration with, integration with Obsidian, and Alfred integration with both and Obsidian. As a researcher, the ability to search across all of these apps and services sounds really powerful, especially with a tagging system.

It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but this great script by @TfTHacker is excellent for grabbing annotations into Obsidian. I’ve been using it with Raindrop for a little while now with some success. Pretty simple workflow: collect in Raindrop → annotate in → bring the annotations into Obsidian.

Sorry, don’t know of any way for Obsidian to search externally - I just pull my external notes in so I can search it all from within Obsidian.
Perhaps someone else has an idea about that?

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