Retrieve annotations for via Templater plugin (Hypothes.idian)

I use to annotate web sites and web based pdf’s. I want to easily import them into Obsidian. This script uses the Templater template.

Template File: Templater script hosted on GIST GitHub

Script in action:

It is ready for testing. Feedback welcome.


I’ve never used the Templater Plugin, But can you tell me how to achieve what you are doing in the video.

I’ve done the following;

  1. Made the Hypothesis file with only my token inside, it’s in my vault.
  2. I’ve made a note in my templates folder named Hypothesis, basically it is the note where I copy pasted the GIST you provided
  3. I’ve edited the gist to have my token where it’s written UserToken and my account name where it says UserId.

Now I just want to achieve what you are doing in the video. What additional steps are required? Or am I missing some basic Keyboard shortcuts.

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I’m very interested in this as well, however I’ve never had occasion to work with Gists. Would you be willing to more specifically explain what to do with the code and files?

I tried the same thing as @Daniyal-Ahmed with no success. I suspect I need to “run” the gist somehow. Thanks in advance!

Install steps:

  1. Install Templater plugin in Obsidian
  2. Configure your templates folder in the templater settings page in “settings”
  3. Copy the text in the gist to a file in your templates folder for templater
  4. Now you can run that script (press ALT+E) and select the script you copied in.
  5. The first time it runs, it creates they Hyposthesis file for you with all the settings you need.

After that run the script and select the command you want.

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Please see my other post to this thread with install steps. GIST is just a way to store files on the web and share them. Go to the gist page in the link, click on the “RAW” button, which shows you all the text you need and copy that a file in the templater templates folder.

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I didn’t realize using the template would “activate” the code. That’s what I needed to get it working. I obviously haven’t tested much yet but if I find issues, I’ll let you know.

This is absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing!

my pleasure. sorry i am new to templater as well. It is running the code in the file. lots happening there :slight_smile:

Ok, That’s How it’s done. Thank You @RoamHacker, for writing this script. It is very useful to annotate while you are reading something on the web and then Export it into Obsidian later. This way we don’t need to move back and forth from Obsidian and Browser to write notes.

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This is a great Templater script. Thanks, @RoamHacker.

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Hey peeps, fixed a bug today that the config file generated by this script can be stored any where in your graph, not just in the root folder.

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Great addition. I can’t say having it in root was bad, but it’s nice to tuck it away.

Thanks again for the script. I plan to wean myself off Zotero for those times when I don’t need a full blown reference.

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