Integrating Zapier to automate tasks across obsidian and all other (common) workflow apps

Hi all-

I am still pretty new to using Obsidian but it seems like a lot of plug-ins are developed to ease the transfer of information from an external application (Zotero, email, Dropbox, etc.) to Obsidian. I am wondering if this could be done more efficiently using Zapier ( or a similar service?

Zapier allows people to connect their common workflow applications and create custom automation workflows based on “triggers” and “actions”. As a very simple example, Zapier can be set up so that when you receive an email with an attachment, it will automatically add the attachment to Dropbox and send you a message on Slack about the new Dropbox file.

I think this could be quite powerful in some workflows, saving a decent amount of time importing information/data into Obsidian.

I do not have the experience or knowledge to do this, so I am just throwing the idea out there. I would enjoy discussing the idea further with anyone interested. Feedback always appreciated!

Thanks for reading!