Ghost integration

I was chatting recently with some of the folks at Ghost about how I wish I could edit ghost tags in plaintext since I tend to write my newsletters in plain text in Obsidian before copying them over, and they mentioned that it’s possible to integrate Obsidian with Ghost, which is a newsletter / website host thing.

Check out these apps for ref workflows
Ghost integrations – official apps, plugins & tools

Basically they use the Admin API
Ghost Admin API Documentation

And the main thing is to decide which content format to send into Ghost - the API can accept both MobileDoc (JSON), raw HTML, or pure markdown. Some apps (IIRC, iA Writer) have settings to let you choose which you’d prefer.

They all have tradeoffs around how content converts / ends up in Ghost Editor, so usually HTML is “best” by default - but if you use lots of nuanced Markdown then one might prefer one of the other options

I would love it if I could write the Roundup mostly in Obsidian and get it into Ghost automatically, and this might also solve some people’s “can I publish individual notes directly from Obsidian without having to use a complicated static site generator?” requests.


Ghost allows for zapier integration I think.