Integrated EPUB reader

Seeing as the latest update adds an integrated pdf reader, I’d like to ask for an integrated EPUB reader (partly because that’s the file format I use more often, and more importantly because it has much better support for text)

Use case or problem

Currently I open the epub I’m reading in another app/separate window, and half the time I’m adding my own commentary or questions, whereas the other half I’m just copying and pasting highlights as they are.

It would be better if I could read the epub in obsidian, to highlight and add annotations in the app.

Proposed solution

Add an integrated epub reader that allows for highlights and annotations.

Equally important, add an option to skim just the highlights and annotations, and zoom in to the relevant section if more context is needed


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there is already an epub reader plugin


Thank you, @triedmanyapps for pointing me towards this. I hadn’t seen it, in fact I had for some time given up on reading EPUB inside of Obsidian.

This one has nice features:

  • it is fast
  • it generates a boom note with TOC

Unfortunately, it does NOT do the most crucial of tasks and thus leaves most of what I need to be desired:

  • direct marking and annotating from book (mark line, choose annotate and scrivel away / mark line choose mark, done)

Apart from that, it would be great to present the EPUB in a transparent fashion so as to blend in with the theme. My default is dark blue on all devices and this reader is glaringly bright white.


A Epub importer into markdown would be much better. Epub is basically a compressed file with some html files anyway, should be the easiest format to convert into markdown.

I agree with an importer function would be great.
Actually, I wondered whether the above mentioned plugin coule be extended to do that, seeing that it was able to grab the TOC.

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I wonder what’s the matter with integrating this as an obsidian main plugin:

It seems like a very elegant solution. Being fully integrated would hopefully make unnecessary the cumbersome adding of paths in metadata.

Ideally, it would just create an annotation file as soon as annotations are being used, quietly in the background, in the same folder as EPUB/PDF and with the same name

From the github:

The plugin is based on, but modified to store the annotations in a local markdown file instead of on the internet.

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@zettelstraum @Archie I’ve just released a plugin which contains an ePub to markdown note convertor. It may be of interest:

You were correct on this, it was very easy to implement - just read the zip and then use Obsidian’s built-in HTML-to-markdown function.

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