Insert Backlink - Toggle capability to Display Preview with Keyboard Navigation

Use case or problem

For the screenshot attachments I have embedded in my notes, their names are based on date/time of pasting (snagit feature). I don’t know what the images are.

My challenge is that when I try to backlink a previous used screenshot/png attachment, I have no way to tell which one I should be backlinking with the list of results/options.


Proposed solution

I am seeking a feature that when backlinking a file or attachment using keyboard up/down arrow key to navigation through the results, press space key to toggle on the preview function so that

  1. preview is popped up for the currently selected backline file, and
  2. as user uses the keyboard to navigate (e.g. press down arrow key to the next file/attachment), preview automatically pops up, and
  3. press space key again to toggle off the preview.

Illustration below

Current workaround (optional)

None available.

Related feature requests (optional)