Search Results - Auto Display Preview with Keyboard Navigation

Use case or problem

I am seeking for a feature that after search, when pressing the keyboard down/up arrow key to navigate the results, I’d like to see the preview (or even to open the file), similar to the Page Preview Mouse Hovering feature, as per screenshot below.

Current Behaviour

After searching and pressing the arrow up/down key, no preview is available. See screenshots below for demonstration.

My challenge is that the screenshot attachments I have are based on date/time of pasting (snagit feature), I don’t know what the images are. Using Mouse Hovering Page Preview is a bit too slow; and I’d like to use the keyboard navigation to show the preview in order to boost productivity.

Search Example

Navigation Selection

Page Preview - CMD + Mouse Hovering

Proposed solution

What I’d like to see is to have the preview auto displayed when navigating with keyboard up/down arrow key for the search results, illustrated in screenshot below.

Current workaround (optional)

See “Page Preview - CMD + Mouse Hovering”

Related feature requests (optional)

Similar but not exactly the same.

Alternatively, please consider a toggle solution similar to the feature request Insert Backlink - Toggle capability to Display Preview with Keyboard Navigation.

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