Inner borders inside Minimal Card view

What I’m trying to do

I’ve been fiddling around with Minimal Cards view for the first time, and thus far it does not seem like it displays correctly, compared to other screenshots (which look very aesthetically pleasing) that I see all the time.

My main problem thus far are these inner border lines inside the cards – that I haven’t seen in any other screenshots of the card view. And which I want gone, for a cleaner, more (pun intended) minimal experience.


In the example image above, there the external border, all around the card.

  • But then there are these internal horizontal lines which (subjectively) only add up to the visual clutter. I’ve seen images where users seemingly disabled these lines. In other screenshots there’s also more vertical padding between these horizontal lines. I can’t find the CSS or CSS helper classes that would help me either change the vertical padding, or have these horizontal border lines gone altogether.

  • And then there’s also this extra inner vertical line, padding the text to the right — which I would like to see gone, and even more so than the inner horizontal lines. This second vertical line is visually very tiring, and not always displays correctly, as longer note titles will sometimes lead it into shifting 1 or 2 pixels to the right bellow the title.

Things I have tried

I both have tried fiddling with Minimal’s style settings for cards, and also using CSS helper classes, but none seem to address this specific issue.

Yeah, I think the helper classes and the settings in Style Settings > Minimal Cards are the only tweaks you can do without CSS.

For the horizontal table borders, you could play around with this. I’d try with border: or border-top: as well depending on what you’re going for. table.dataview tbody > tr > td {
    border-bottom: .05px solid red;  }

As for the right side vertical line, I don’t see that. Could be some other conflicting CSS or a plugin? I’d have a look in the inspector to see where it’s coming from:

I didn’t manage to find anything with the inspector. But lo and behold: I got impatient, started a new vault and copied all my notes in there, and voilà: Dataview Card view is working as expected, with no weird formatting in its internal borders.

One minor annoyance is that now I cannot get cards-align-bottom to work, to make the date show on the bottom (it was working perfectly fine in the other vault). Sigh Eventually I’ll get to it…

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