Inline footnotes and wikilinks

Steps to reproduce

Step 1 -
Create two notes as follows.

Step 2 -
Change the title of ‘Child note’ to 'Child note changed’ (a pop up says one link has been updated)

Step 3 -
Hover over the link in the foot note of the ‘Parent note’. The hover message says, “Child note not created, click to create” (even though the earlier pop up said that the links have been updated. Kindly note that if the link is not inside the footnote, the change in name of the parent note is reflected in the child note.

Expected result

Actual result


  • Operating system: MacOS 10.15.4
  • Obsidian version: v0.6.7
  • Using custom CSS: No

Additional information


Regular footnotes should be created with notation

Here`s a simple footnote[^1] 

[^1]: This is the first footnote [[link]]

I am not sure if you want to use inline footnotes or not.
ATM, There is no standard for inline footnotes.
We use markdown-it, and it uses text^[inline footnote]
RIght now, everything miraculously works if you add some space around the link

text^[ [[link]] ]

At some point, we should remove the need for this extra spacing.


This is exactly what I wanted! I like having all my sources in the bottom of the page. So I use footnotes to achieve it.

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text^[ [[link]] ]
At some point, we should remove the need for this extra spacing.

I use this approach and it is (a bit) annoying. Fixing this strange behaviour would be awesome


Maybe helpful for someone who came along…
I’ve found footnotes don’t work in lists.


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