Footnote help

When I insert a footnote by typing [^1] (or using the Footnote shortcut), the following happens. It inserts [^1]

BUT No number appears at the end of the page and the cursor does not jump there either.
In addition, the ^ symbol is always displayed (in preview mode).


and in “view mode” there is only a normal number in the text

What am I doing wrong?

Two steps:

  1. Add “[^1]” into the note text.
  2. Add “[^1]: Footnote text.” somewhere below. (Don’t forget the colon before the footnote text).

In Preview mode, the footnote is displayed where you placed the “[^1]: footnote text.”
In Reading mode, the footnote is displayed at the bottom of the note.

More info: Format your notes

Yeah that works BUT the the Obsidian Plug in “Footnote Shortcut” (from @akaalias) sould do that for me, but it does not.

I didn’t realise your question was about the “Footnote Shortcut” plugin. Sorry, not familiar with it.

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