Indicator for status of saving

Use case or problem

There is no indication of whether all files were saved . Large amount of content can be imported, parent system can be overloaded or straight up incredibly slow itself, power can go off and leave user guessing whether anything was lost, and etc .

Proposed solution

Single icon which:

  • Switches to represent processing, when any changes are done though Obsidian or determined by it’s hooks .
  • Switches to represent completion, after all processing and saving finishes .

Related feature requests (optional)

I think there is some misunderstanding here. When a note is saved, it takes a fraction of a second to write it on disk. The visual indicator is just gonna flicker all the time.

Or do you think that it takes multiple seconds to save a note and you keep an eye on the saving indicator, so if the system crashes you know something happened?

Im C# programmer, ik the time ranges. Allow to disable it in Settings if you are worried about flickering. If system crashes, user will know whether the work was saved or attention needs to be put into reconstructing certain parts. Indication needs to guarantee that all operations were finished before it switches. ~0.2s delay between the switches also can be added to it (about the time to switch attention when finishing work), main thing is that there must be indication for all latency and structurally possible lag. You could also make added content/text grayed out until all operations succeed, but that is noticeably more expensive.