Incremental search for tags

Use case or problem

I’m a heavy user of tags and I have tons tags in my notes.
So, it would be nice if I can search tags incrementally in the search box or tag pane.

When I put a tag on a note, Obsidian nicely suggests tags which begin with what I have typed so far.
I’d like to have a similar behavior when searching for a tag.

Proposed solution

In the search box, when I start typing “tag:a” a list of existing tags starting with “a” should show up below the box so that I can pick one from the list.

Adding a search box on the tag pane with an incremental search capability can also be helpful.

Current workaround (optional)

On a blank note, start typing “#a” to insert a tag starting with “a”.
Then click on the tag to search for notes with the same tag.

Related feature requests (optional)


Glad to see this idea mentioned. This was my first post on the forum. Here’s the link: Persistent tag suggestions

I think you explained it better.


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