Increase the possibilities of compiling documents


I don’t really have the skills to develop a plugin but I’ll leave this idea there if someone likes it.

It seems to me that Obsidian’s editing capacity would be greatly increased if we had the possibility :

  1. edit .rmd files (Rmarkdown)
  2. that we had the possibility to launch a compilation allowing us to generate PDF, word, html, etc. as desired.

Are there any projects in this area?
Currently, I think that we should be able to tinker with a script that sends a compilation command to bash via the “Templater” plugin (for example) .

R -e " rmarkdown::render('test.rmd', 'word_document')

But having a plugin that allows you to select the output format and options would be so friendly to users…



Note that a recent release introduced a preference for handling non-markdown file formats. They are not rendered but instead launch in the default application.

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I had seen this discussion. Precisely, it seems to me that the day when we will be able to edit text non-md files (txt, rmd, etc) we will be very happy to have a compilation tool accessible from obsidian :wink:

This is something I would like to see, specifically to .docx format. Currently, I do my work in Obsidian and then I use Zettlr to do the exporting to Word. It works well but that is the only reason I keep Zettlr installed.

Ah, in that case, pandoc integrations are probably what you want: