Pandoc plugin

A pandoc plugin would allow us to convert our text files into pretty much whatever we want, which would allow Obsidian to be the starting point for most any text file. I was just thinking about this today when someone requested a word document and all I wanted to do was write it in Obsidian.


What’s stopping you from using Pandoc to convert to Word from the terminal? If you’re on Mac and more comfortable using a GUI you could also set an app like Marked 2 to be your default for .md files - which supports pandoc.

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It would be nice to be able to use the preview pane.

Pandoc’s filtering is very powerful because it gives you access to the file’s full AST. Supporting pandoc filters would enable a whole range of extensions.

I put in a related feature request here the other day: Run the preview through pandoc and give users the ability to control options?


What is stoping is non standard markdown in Obsidan!