Incorrect Week Numbers for Weekly Notes [Calendar plugin]

This appears to be a bug in the Calendar plugin and/or Periodic Notes plugin.

What I’m tryin to do

Create and open weekly notes by clicking the week number on the calendar.

What I expected to happen

When I click Week 26, I expect it to open the weekly note for week 26, or create a weekly note for Week 26.

What actually happened

When I click Week 26, the calendar app opens Week 25. It always opens the prior week.

Other details

  • I thought that it might be because I have my week set to start on Monday (in the Calendar plugin). But when I changed my week to start on Sunday, then the week number calculation was even worse. When I clicked on week 26, it tried to open week 24.
  • In the notes for the Calendar plugin it says that he’s moving functionality of Weekly notes and Monthly notes into a separate plugin called Periodic Notes. So I thought that maybe part of the issue might be coming from this transition. But I have the same incorrect behavior whether or not Periodic Notes is enabled.

I have seen the same behavior, also using the periodic notes and without the periodic notes, what I observe is that when I click the week number it actually takes me to the right Weekly Note, but the week number displayed in the calendar is wrong by 1. Seems to be like a problem in the rendering of the number in the calendar view. I have my week starting on Monday.


Looking on the plugin page for Periodic Notes I found this:

Why the weekly note title is wrong with the week number?

Depending on your locale and operating system you are using, you may have been adopting either ISO week (first week of the year is started on the first Thursday) or Week of Year (first week of the year is started on the first day). Obsidian Periodic Notes uses Week of Year by default (ww), but you can change to ISO week by using (WW) instead. For more details, please refer to MomentJS documentation.

So it seems like (at least for me), the Calendar plugin is rendering using the Week of Year format, whereas everything else seems to be using the ISO week format. So the note names and all the links show week 29, whereas the calendar shows week 30.

I haven’t figured out how to change these so that it’s consistent everywhere.


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