Including my yearly file's goals section inside every weekly file using templater?

What I’m trying to do

I have a yearly file called “2023”, which has a “#Goals” heading, I’m trying to setup my weekly template so that every weekly template has the Goals attached to the top of the file. The weekly files are called “2023-W01”, “2023-W02” etc.


You could link to the header in your weekly template using something like [[2023^Goals|Yearly Goals]] - when you hover the link you would see the goals

Not sure if its possible to pull in data from another file neatly unless you use a query

This sounds like a job for Dataview.

Repo of Dataview
Or see for example:
Daily and Weekly Reviews + dataview

Then you could include something like this:

FROM "your_weekly_review_folder"
WHERE contains(tags,"Goals")
SORT asc file.mtime

This particular example would have you include a tag with the term Goals in it. The LIMIT & SORT are optional, and FROM & WHERE only narrow your query. The capitalisation isn’t mandatory, I just like to keep things sorted and clear for myself.

I admit Dataview is its own rabbithole with a bit of a steep learning curve, but once you have a hang of things, things like what you ascribe above are very quickly accomplished. If I’m studying, I will include lists or tables with what progress I made from note in different folders, on different subjects. The hard stuff is somewhat beyond me still, I use dataviewJS rarely. But the regular dataview-code is not that hard.

The maker, @blacksmithgu, explains really well in this video. For starters, there is a very exiting video by Nicole van der Hoeven.

If I am more focused, I might come up with an answer in Templater for your question. Or maybe others will. Cheers