Include creating List in "Toggle Checklist" action

Use case or problem

I create a lot of bullet-pointed lists that include both tasks and normal list items. It would be great if the “Toggle Checklist” hotkey action toggles through “list”, “unchecked task”, “checked task”, and then goes full circle back to “list” item again.

Currently, the “Toggle Checklist” would go “list”, “unchecked task”, “checked task”, and if you invoke the hotkey again, it will toggle between checked and unchecked task; it never goes back to a normal listed item.

Proposed solution

It would be great if “Toggle Checklist” toggles through all three options, keeping the current tab/indent position.

Related feature requests (optional)

This is opposite to this request (where the OP wants to remove the list option from “Toggle Checklist”), but it is related: Toggle checklist status creates a regular list


Good idea @vishae.

As I try to consider potential issues that could arise, the only thing that concerned me was the situation where you may select multiple task lines and possibly accidentally hit the toggle hotkey. If it could be smart enough to set each line to the next state in the cycle, the mistake could be easily remedied later assuming you realized it occurred and you remembered or could discern which tasks what you had toggled.

Another option might be to have a separate hotkey that could set all selected lines to checked. This way using your cycle tactic, we would not be deprived of being able to check many tasks at once.