Include a folder in Obsidian Vault in a GitHub repository sync?

Things I have tried

Current state: Obsidian Vault synched across multiple devices in my Documents folder. Separate GitHub > Class Repository folder that has a folder of markdown notes. Currently no connection between Class Notes in GitHub folder and my Obsidian Vault.

What I’m trying to do

I would like to have class notes available in both my GitHub repository and my Obsidian Vault. I am not sure which direction to go is best, but my inclination is to have my notes live in Obsidian so that they are synched with the rest of the vault.

  • Don’t want 2 vaults – would like to connect ideas, be all in one place, no friction of switching.
  • Don’t want to mess with nested vaults… this seems like a bad time until it’s fully supported…

Is there a way to (not sure of correct technical term) synch to Obsidian Vault by specifying a path to a folder outside the vault, while it still treats it as part of the vault?

Or other options? Any suggestions or best practices for this are welcome!

How r u syncing ur current obsidian vault? If also using github, there might be another steps.

My suggestion to clone ur class notes github to its own folder inside your main vault. But u would have to manually pull push from github using either command line or atom text editor or github desktop.

Obsidian by default indexes all files in the main vault and subfolders


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Thanks for the suggestion! I will look at how to do that.

I’m currently synching Obsidian with Obsidian Sync subscription.

I use GitHub Desktop to push pull updates for my class repository —
The structure is:
Class Resources fork folder / my class notes folder