Multiple Git repos in Obsidian Sync vault — OK or bad?

Is it OK to use git for version control on individual projects (folders) within a vault that uses Obsidian Sync? I feel like I’ve heard warnings against syncing git repos with anything other than git itself; the discussion I’ve found online is mixed.

Is anyone doing this here? I’d love to hear about your experience.

I just want git to track the histories of my projects, not to sync, backup, branch, collaborate, or handle a whole vault.

Currently I copy each version of the file to the end of a versions file (with an added header so I can fold and use the outline). When the project is done (or the file gets too big), I compress the versions file into a .zip file, which saves space and removes all that redundant text from Obsidian’s indexing. I keep version metadata in comments at the top of the file and copy the metadata to an index file. I want to track the whole project folder but it would be too cumbersome this way, so I only do it for the main file. I’m thinking of ways to simplify, but I think it’d be better to just use the right tool instead of jury-rigging it.

If there’s some other way than git to do what I want, that’d be great, too.

I’m using Obsidian on iOS and Mac. I haven’t used git much or recently.

Update: After skimming the manual for Working Copy (needed to handle git stuff on iOS), I’m not sure this is even feasible — Working Copy wants to be the home of the files, and Obsidian can only open files from its own folder. :confused: Still interested in feedback/experiences/advice, tho.

Update 2: I was mistaken — Working Copy can handle external repos in On My Device, iCloud, etc.: Working Copy - Users Guide - External repositories (found via paywalled MacStories article Manually Install Obsidian Plugins on iOS and iPadOS via Working Copy and Its New Version Control for Files which cites the Twitter announcement). Now I need to find out if combining that with Obsidian Sync could cause trouble.

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