Inbuilt Audio Recorder Better Fidelity Request

Use case or problem

I use obsidian for lyrics, I’d like to record my demos as a link in the lyrics md file. The audio fidelity is not feasible (Android) to use the inbuilt recorder. I have to manually import audio which is not conducive to creative flow.

I believe the same is true on windows 10 but I rarely use obsidian on windows so I’m not certain (on vacation so PC not present to test that it’s not a poor quality microphone problem). I haven’t tried on Linux/Ubuntu.

Proposed solution

Use a better audio system that can select between different mics or something… I don’t necessarily understand the cause of the low quality.

Current workaround (optional)

I am currently recording audio with Samsung voice memo, using Samsung file manager to copy to obsidian directory, then adding an inline link to the audio file.

Related feature requests (optional)

Same problem noted for iOS. I think this request is closed, though.

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Samsung voice recorder

Obsidian audio recorder

The mic was a little farther away for this than I usually record but it shows the issue pretty clearly that there is some additional compression causing issues with fading in or out.