In graph-view, i want to set dot color for the notes in a certain folder

In a vault my folders are of different topic. And I put the notes of certain topic into a certain folder. So when I see the graph-view, i want to assign different color to the dots of different folder’s notes, so that i could see the categories of different notes clearly. Hope this features (or similar features that i could identify different topics’ note in graph-view) could be realized. I love Obsidian.


Amazing idea!
I hope that comes to the app too.
Doesn’t seem particularly difficult to code… Let’s wait…

Folders might not necessarily be the way everyone wants to organize their Obsidian notes. So giving specific color to directories is not a generally useful feature in my opinion. However, I believe there are graph improvements planned where you can filter / tag / highlight using structures such as tags / links that are actually used within the current system.


yep, i have considered this,

partly agree. but i think this feature is useful to academic researcher. :slight_smile:

I’m myself using a mix of folder structure + tags to organize my notes. So I agree, being an academic, that folders seem inevitable.


This will be possible in v0.11.


Hi! I am very new to Obsidian (an also an academic) and was looking for this feature. It is probably hidden in plain sight, but I can’ find it…

Where can I find the feature, to color code the folders, tags or other features of the graph? Do I need to download a specific theme?

In the Graph settings, you will see a Groups section. You can colour tags, folders, files there.

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Thank you so much!