Improve name of "Swap line" hotkeys

The name of the hotkeys “Swap line up” and “Swap line down” would benefit from being renamed to either of:

  • “Swap (move) line up” and “Swap (move) line down”
  • “Swap/move line up” and “Swap/move line down”

The reason is that many editors use the word “move” for this action. As a result, when I looked in the hotkeys for this, I searched “move” and couldn’t find it.

I had to come to these forums, search in the feature request before making such request, see someone suggest it just month ago (Add ALT+UP/DOWN move line) and read the answer. Not the best on-boarding experience :wink:

I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Just for reference, VS code has it this way:
Move line up/down

will be changed in 0.13.25

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