Improve default New Note Title behaviour

At the moment in Obsidian 0.6.7, when you create a new Note, the title is focused with a default Untitled, with the cursor on the end of the word. This means that when you want to write your own title name, you’ll have to ctrl+a or otherwise select and delete the default suggestion before writing your preferred title.

It may improve usability to have the new title behaviour as follows:

  1. Create a new note
  2. “Untitled” appears in a lighter font colour in the Title text field
  3. The cursor is set to the beginning of the Title text field
    The user can then
  4. type to overwrite Untitled with their own title, or
  5. tab or otherwise move focus onto another area of the program such as the note itself, with Obsidian auto setting the suggested “Untitled” ( with any number behind it ) as the title.

Definitely endorse this idea, having to delete untitled each time is a small thing but it drives me nuts!

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+1 current behavior is not very efficient


I think this one has already been picked up as a bug report:


Definitely related !