Creating a new note doesn't select the title in the note title bar

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a note
  2. Press the hotkey for creating a new note (CMD+N in my case)

Expected result

The name of the new note would be selected in the note title bar, as it was in previous versions of Obsidian

Actual result

Instead of selected note name, the cursor is now placed at the end of the suggested name. The downside of that is that I need to select the whole text, which I sometimes forget to do, as I’m used to the typical behavior of text being already selected, so that I can replace it with the actual name of the note that I want.


  • Operating system: macOS 10.14.1
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.7
  • Using custom CSS: Andy Matuschak mode 1 + some minor visual opacity/width visual tweaks

Additional information


Thanks, we’ll fix that.


Was about to raise a feature request for this. Good to see it’s already been picked up :slight_smile:

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will be fixed in 0.7.4