Improper HTML & Markdown rendering


Does not render Markdown inside HTML

Steps to reproduce

Try the below code

## This is a heading
- This is a bullet [[point]]
<a  href="/"> this </a>

Expected result

  • The heading must be displayed with the css corresponding to it but is displayed as text on rendering.
  • The link must be represented as a dot in the graph

Actual result

  • Heading and the bullet and all other markdown stuff are rendered as plain text
  • The graph does not show the links for both markdown syntax and the HTML syntax
  • Additionally, the HTML href is never presented on the graph


  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 (.deb file)
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.14 (Latest)

Additional information

  • As seen in the picture above, the links are not rendered or shown in graph
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I am sorry, but we do not officially support these types of hacks. These things are beyond the intended functionality of the app. Hence, I don’t consider this a bug.

Specifically, what you doing is parsed as whole html block. We don’t break it down word by word and see if that word should be threated as markdown input or html input and then recombine everything.

Hi WhiteNoice,
I reported this as it does not work even otherwise,

Summary here 

- [[Link1]]
- [[Link2]]
# Heading1


The above snippet also did not work, so i tried a work around. The above snippet is supported in github markdown.

Check the below link for more info:

If you read that thread you realize that

<summary> </summary>

is not ‘supported’, it a hack that sometimes works.

Note taking in form of questions/anwser

I among others love to use active recall method for studying the content of my notes. Currently, I use VSCode to write questions and answers in the markdown file in the following form:

<details><summary class="question">Define vector 3D product of A and B</summary><span class="answer">

$\vec{A} \times \vec{B} =
    \vec{i} & \vec{j} & \vec{k}  \\
    a_{1} & a_{2} & a_{3}  \\
    b_{1} & b_{2} & b_{3}  \\



This makes the studying process a lot simpler as single click reveals the answer. Markdown goodies are also not compromised. Latex, images and other things can be rendered inside the answer.

With <span> it’s currently possible to render markdown in Obsidian which is really nice. It would be superb if that <span> (answer) could be wrapped by <details> (question) :star_struck:


I second this, have run into this issue several times within a few weeks of having used obsidian