Import photo or document directly from iPhone camera

Use case or problem

Import a photo or document from an iPhone camera on OSX to the current note in Obsidian

Proposed solution

This is a feature now baked into OSX with Continuity Camera. It would be awesome to have it as a command that you execute with a keyboard shortcut, or in the right click menu.

Current workaround (optional)

Take a picture on my phone, airdrop it to my computer, drag and drop it to obsidian

Related feature requests (optional)

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Have also been yearning for this feature. Additionally to Continuity Camera, there is also Continuity Sketch, which allows you to open the default note-taking interface of iOS and iPadOs, sketch something, and it’d then be exported as an image file. Same thing goes for the part of Continuity Camera that allows you to scan a document, which then outputs as a PDF.

Apps like Agenda support it already, so it might be possible to implement. Another non-native notetaking app iA Writer doesn’t however.

Another workaround that is worth mentioning is opening the Vault folder in “Finder” and using “Insert from” from there. Then copy that document in finder and paste it where needed in Obsidian. It isn’t duplicated as far as my testing has shown.

Optimal function of this feature if you ask me would be:

  1. “Insert from” appearing in the context menu in the note, and then saving the created document in the chosen attachments folder.
  2. “Insert from” appearing in the context menu when clicking on a folder in the sidebar. When inserting it’d place the created file in that folder.

Another workaround would be to use Shortcuts — you could share to a shortcut that saves the photo to your vault.

This feature would be really awesome! Using it already for a while in different native apps and it works like a charm.

Currently inserting sketch to Apple Pages and copying image from there, but doing it directly inside Obsidian app would help to stay focused during thinking process and not being distracted by context switching.

Agree, this would be an awesome feature to have! I’m surprised it doesn’t exist already in Obsidan

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really hope the camera / document scanner is implemented soon.