Import highlights from web highlighters

Hi, anyone else using web highlighters such as Liner ( or Weava (

I’m looking for a solution to sync my web highlights to my Obsidian Vault so I can quickly search my web history (aka my web highlights) while writing notes in Obsidian.

Any idea on how to approach this via a Obsidian plugin? Or does it require the Weava / Liner people to get in touch with the dev team? (Similarly to the Airr ( integration)

As a potential workaround Weava can export all highlights as .csv, which could be parsed and created notes from with a script…


Any luck until today? There is a script for Templater to import data, without coding experience I would say it should be possible to get the data from Weava into Obsidian. Though i couldnt find any API that would make it possible.

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Been using Memex ( for web highlighting and bookmarking. The markdown export is ok it just doesn’t currently preserve order on page

I use this too, and I like the markdown export, just wish I could assign a keyboard shortcut to the copy to markdown function…

Look at “Roam Highlighter,” a chrome extension (I use it with Microsoft Edge). The developer, Daniel Wirtz, is improving it under a new brand “Markway” which is not out yet. Even though it is called Roam, it works with other applictions.

I also like Memex, although I was unaware of the export order issue. Thanks for the heads up.

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