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There are only .txt files without Tags, only text in the end of files like a “Tags: School, Research” etc. And there is a json file, which I don’t know how to import to Obsidian.
Please, help me!

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I’m in the same boat – have you found any solution or suggestions?

I was able to do this. At least import my notes from Simplenote to Obsidian. However, I couldn’t retain the tag based separation.

The solution is slightly technical (yet very simple) and involves using a Command line. Download a backup of Simplenote and you get all .txt files.

Batch convert them into .md files using this command below once you’re at the right folder in the Command line.

find . -iname “*.txt” -exec bash -c ‘mv “$0” “${0%.txt}.md”’ {} ;

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There hasn’t been any activity for 5 days, could you please see if you’d like to pick any of the existing answers as the solution, or do you still need help with something?

Would appreciate it if you could clarify on that, thanks!

Hi there, I’m also trying to migrate my notes from Simplenote to Obsidian.

I’ve tried converting my exported .txt files to .md files using something like TXT to MD | CloudConvert .

It worked, but tags are not converted to “Tags” in obsidian. it’s only listed as “Tags:______” at the end of each note.

How do I import simplenote notes with the Tags as well? Thanks in advance for any help here.

p/s: I’m not familiar using scripts, but will to try using Terminal app on my mac if the instructions are clear.

Best, Daryl

@darylchc if you share an example, it might be possible to fix with some regexp and sed.

thanks for asking.

as i needed to change more than 6000 files from txt to markdown after exporting from simple note, I simply renamed the extension from .txt to .md. Not sure if this was the best way, but it looks ok.

Attached is a markdown file example
‘We don’t stop playing because we grow (138 Bytes)

In order for obsidian to read the tags, it need a pre-fix of # in each of my tags.

Not sure how to do this as a batch.

Ultimately, I’m simply looking for a way to export my notes from Automatic’s Simplenote app to Obsidian, while preserving all my tags

Thanks once again. I’m super stoked about using obsidian… once I can get this up and running.

With gratitude,