Import from Roam, forward slash in title of page causes folder creation

While importing my pages that were exported from RoamResearch, I ended up with a page called “Have Learned”. This is unexpected since the original source page was titled “Things I want to learn / Have Learned”

It appears that the importer created a folder based on the title (filename) having a slash and helpfully put remainder of title as filename and conveyed remainder.

Possible fix - If Roam exported page has a title including any of the following chars: * " \ / < > : | ? then substitute in something like a underscore as placeholder.

Win10 with v0.6.7

This wasn’t something that Obsidian did. When you export your data from Roam, that’s just how it exports. Roam just copies the title as the file name, and when creating files / means folder, so you end up with Things I want to learn / Have Learned becomes a folder with a file in it.

I had the same issues with this exporting from Roam also. As well as : not being a valid character in Windows file names, causing the zip file extraction to throw an error, the files to have underscores instead of : and internal links no longer working.