Import CSV into Kanban Cards


I hope this is the right place, as I am rather new in this forum :wink:

What Iā€™m trying to do

We are using in our company Asana as a kind of collaboration tool ā€“ I am not a fan of it, but we have a corporate licence :wink:

I am a big fan, however, of Obsidian, and I am trying to combine both.
My use case is pretty straightforward: I want to export the tasks from Asana to a csv file (works) and import these records into Kanban Cards (not into individual notes). Here I am lost ā€¦

The way I look at it: it is not relevant whether it is about Asana or anything else:
I am trying to generate Kanban Cards based on individual csv records.

Things I have tried

  • I have looked at this process ā€œAsana integration leveraging the Todoist pluginā€ and it looks intriguing. However, we cannot use Pleexy inside our organization, and therefore I cannot connect this into Asana.

  • I have looked at the Plugin Obsidian Import CSV/JSON ā€“ this does generate notes for each CSV line, but I did not find an option to generate cards in a Kanban board.

  • I have also done some search in this forum as well as on the Discord Server ā€“ no luck so far.

Thanks for any help - that would fantastic!

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