Asana integration leveraging the Todoist plugin

I was able to get Asana integrated with Obsidian, leveraging the existing Todoist plugin. If anyone is interested, I can document the steps.


I’d love to see that. Thank you.

Here are the high level steps.

  1. Purchase Todoist account (I use more projects than the free account supports)
  2. Sign up for to synchronize Todoist with Asana. It works well. You can update or complete tasks in either Todoist or Asana, but can only delete tasks in Asana. Play around a bit to make sure the synchronization settings provide what you want (I had to remove the project name from the task title, and turn on section synchronization).
  3. Install the Obsidian Todoist Plugin and configure it with your new Todoist account.
  4. I like to have a task list in the right hand panel, so I create a page with a simple embed for the todoist plugin.

One very nice thing about the integration is that the tasks are pulled over with hyperlinks to the original Asana task, not Todoist. So clicking on a task link takes you straight into the right place in Asana, very smooth.

Here’s a screen shot of my daily note, which combines an agenda (pulled in from Outlook via icalBuddy+Alfred) and the Asana task pane on the right. When I plan my day, I drag tasks from the Asana pane into the Today pane, and it comes across with the link intact. To complete the task, though, I need to remember to click on the task in the Asana pane, not the Today pane). I also use the Day Planner plugin, so I end up with an environment that gives me a clear view of the day, without the massive distraction of floods of email.

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Beautiful implementation. Thanks for sharing your workflow.

Hey @bobkitz,

really great integration here. I’m curious to learn more about the part from the icalBuddy+Alfred to pull events from calendar. Do you have a link to that process explained?


If you have Alfred (Mac) you can find Obsidian utilities (not sure where, and in a rush, sorry). I then added a new command “ocll” to Alfred and a bash script step that calls icalbuddy.

Hope this is enough to get you going.