Import ChatGPT into Obsidian --> Latex-Syntax Problem

What I’m trying to do

I want to copy answers from chatGPT to my obsidian notes. The problem now is that chatGPT starts latex-code with ‘(’ and ends it with ‘)’. Is there a possibility to change all the '(' and ‘)’ at once or is there a plugin which handles this problem?

Things I have tried

I’ve searched already for plugins and the functionality to change all occurrences but I found nothing.

Could you paste ChatGPT answer?
(You can use backticks ``` . On keyboard usually near ~ symbol)

Hi. I just made a chatgpt archive import plugin. It’s not parsing conversations from ChatGPT servers, however, it imports all conversations from the ZIP File you obtain when downloading ChatGPT data.

It will create a folder, and for each chat, it will create a note with all the messages in it. Full markdown. I wanted to make it fancy with CSS and HTML but it was too much trouble for now.

Right now, it doesn’t handle redundancy (meaning if you import twice, I didn’t verify what would happen. I guess it would simple give an error message on existing notes when trying to create them). My goal was to be able to delete all chat history from ChatGPT while storing all of my conversations in Obsidian.

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