Plugin: ChatGPT Archive import into Obsidian

Dear Obsidian and ChatGPT Community,

Today, I devoted my time to crafting my inaugural plugin, aided by ChatGPT’s expertise.

This plugin emerged from my desire to seamlessly transfer all my chat interactions into Obsidian while simultaneously purging them from ChatGPT’s history. My aim is to routinely migrate my conversations into Obsidian, ensuring they remain off OpenAI’s servers.

Initially, I contemplated embellishing the plugin with CSS. However, I decided to maintain a markdown-centric approach for broader accessibility and ease of use.

This tool enables the effortless importation of your entire chat history directly from the ZIP file obtained when exporting data from ChatGPT. For more details, please visit the GitHub repository: Obsidian ChatGPT Import Plugin.

One notable feature is the plugin’s ability to bypass empty messages. It’s important to note that occasionally, ChatGPT chats may contain coding errors, particularly within code blocks. Unfortunately, these cannot be rectified by the plugin, which might result in occasional markdown discrepancies. These are dependent on the original chat source.

I eagerly welcome your feedback and suggestions. I am also seeking assistance in integrating a folder suggestion feature into the settings. Currently, users must manually input the path, and any help to improve this aspect would be greatly appreciated.


Good job! :slight_smile:

so there is no API to get the export from gpt I assume? too bad

and one more stupid question. since openai already had you chat, do you think it makes any sense to export/delete them? except ofc to have a local copy. I mean, they are still on their servers, even after you deleted them. or is there a statement saying otherwise? GDPR?

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Thank you for this :slight_smile:


Damn I totally forget to come back here sometimes. Sorry for the delay. I didn’t dig into API for ChatGPT. But given it’s ChatGPT and not GPT API, my guess is: No.

That said, I should take some time to get back to improving the plugin. There are most certainly improvments that would benefit this. And ChatGPT evolving I also have to ensure it still works.

When I started, ChatGPT vision was not a thing. I have to check if/how this could eventually be handled. I just need time and energy.

For me the idea of importing conversations in Obsidian make sense to optimize notes, dataflow. I have extensive conversations with ChatGPT about many topics about health, business creation, coding, and most of the conversations I have contains a lot of valuable information I want to be able to index and find easily from within my second brain which is Obsidian (well, I’m a newbee… Lots of work to make it my second brain).

Make sense ?


To me it makes total sense. I would like to review and link to my got-conversations.