Import all Backlinks as Internal Links

I think the option to somehow import all linked references to a given page is a great idea. Here are some ways I think it can be carried out.

Method 1: Hotkeys

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a hotkey, but some sort of shortcut mechanism to just importing all the linked references as links into a markdown page of interest.

I chose hotkey because we can use whichever hotkey we like to activate the potential feature.

Method 2: Click & Paste (for lack of better terminology)

Go to the Backlinks, use some combination like CTRL/Command + SHIFT + Click on a link reference as a way to copy the link reference and it will paste as an internal link. For all the connected backlinks, we can probably use CTRL/Command + SHIFT + Double Click for all Linked References and it will paste all listed linked references.

This may probably be best aided by a special highlight feature on the link title in the backlinks, or something, to let the user know that the link is ready for pasting (and just do for all links if selecting all links).