Adding images, saving new notes based on tags or back links

Hi friendly folks,

I have two questions.

  1. How can I add images to my obsidian notes? (Do these images first should save in a folder, because in onenote or evernote I can just copy paste images to working page from any source).

  2. So based on Obsidian [[]] backlinkS or # tags, how to create a new note and save it separately?

e.g. suppose [[anatomy of x]] or #anatomy and I want all the collections of [[anatomy of x]] in a one note to write a essay.
How could I save this searching to a seperate document?

Thank you :pray:t4:

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You can copy/paste images into a note in Obsidian, Obsidian automatically saves that image to your Obsidian Vault (more exactly into the Vault Root Folder or the folder you specified in Settings -> File -> Attachment folder path).

I’m not sure I understand what you mean, but if you have links to [[anatomy of x]] in several notes, you can just create the note that will be the endpoint of those links, by clicking on it (the link) in preview mode or Ctrl clicking on it in editor mode.

Tags don’t serve for that purpose they’re useful for other things.


Thank you for your kind reply.

This is RE my second question,

Below is a an example

Base on this network diagram, let’s suppose I’m going to write an essay on “ICM Zettelkasten Standard 0”

So how can I write a new single note in Obsidian taking those linking Notes of “ICM Zettelkasten Standard 0”?

In other words, I want to compile only linking nodes of the “ICM Zettelkasten Standard 0” and create new document?

Is this possible ? Hope I’ve explained it well :slight_smile:

No I don’t think it’s possible, but let me just check if I understood correctly.

You mean the notes that link:

  • to “ICM Zettelkasten Standard 0” (the backlinks of the note)
  • from “ICM Zettelkasten Standard 0”
  • or both?

And you want a note that has those links pasted onto that new note? Or do you want those notes appended together in the new note?

Either way it’s not possible (as of now anyways) I’m just asking because there’s probably a feature request about that for you join in the discussion (If there isn’t you can make one).

For example if you mean pasting all the backlinks of the note “ICM Zettelkasten Standard 0” on a new note, then this refers to it - Import all Backlinks as Internal Links

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you Meins

I’d say Both , to and from “ICM Zettelkasten Standard 0”

I want those notes appended together in the new note.

That feature would be great since we can extract new notes based on backlinks or Tags,

That would be my main interest of note taking App like this. Otherwise I feel I could take this kind of data or note taking in MSExcel in most of the time.

I can understand how what you’re suggesting can be useful but I see a lot of value in just having notes linked instead of having a note that aggregates all the information (all the text) from a set of notes.

Do you mind sharing how/why would that be useful to you? I’m asking only out of interest because I want to make the most out of using this tool :slight_smile:

And regardless of the answer, like I said before you should probably make a feature request about it (I checked and couldn’t find anything like this but do check yourself as well just to be sure).

Hi Meins,

It depends on how often you are writing and the academic discipline .

What I saw in the YouTube videos about Obsidian, they do take daily notes, writing book / novel summaries, talking about blogposts etc.

So far I have seen only one academic person taking about this tool.

Note taking does not only help for academics, synthesising new knowledge is the ultimate.although here network visualisation is available to have the maximum benefit of that feature, it should go beyond what I have suggested, otherwise this whole exercise can be done in a Excel sheets, filtering method.

Thanks for your reply. I must say that I still can’t see how using Excel sheets could be better, but firstly I’m not that familiar with Excel and secondly altough I understood in what context you write, I’m not clear on how you write and by that I mean how you structure your notes and how you organize them.

I can’t give you input on using Obsidian regarding academics, but if you’re interested, the Obsidian’s Discord has a channel #academia to talk about such topics, if you’re not already there you might want to give it a shot to see how others use it.

Not yet, not sure if there’s a feature request on it, if not you can add one.

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I found 02 ways to add images to my notes:

  1. Using <iframe>:

<p align="center"><iframe border="0" frameborder="0" width="417" height="581" src="file:///__folder_your_image__"></iframe></p>

  1. Using Markdown inline statement:
    2.1. Local file:
    ![title](file:///_folder_your_image_ "Optional title")
    2.2. Image on the web:


file:///folder_your_image → image location in your computer, e.g.: file:///home/user/Pictures/image.png (linux) or (Windows) file:\\C:\Documents\image.png

https:// → image url

<p align="center"></p> → to center the iframe horizontally in your note

“Optional title” → This one is optional and is the image title that will appear when your hover the mouse cursor over the image in a website HTML.